Call returns for 15 sec

I have FreePBX Asterisk ver.13.17.0 (upgrade of all modules as of May 31, 18) and I’m experiencing this problem.
When transferring a call (* 2) from the line, the call returns for 15 seconds and the time does not extend.
I tried changing the time in Extension - Advenced - Extension Option - Ring time from 15s to 30s and Call Forward Override from 15s to 30s
The transfer time is still 15 seconds .
The phones are different Grandstream GHX1610, Gigaset IP610, Well T-20
Does anyone have experience with this problem?
Thank you Blažek

See Attended transfer timeout .

But why are you using *2 at all? If you use the transfer key (e.g. on the 1610, the button below the mute key), you have complete control of the timing.

Hello, thanks for your advice. I could not switch to a query. Everything is all right.

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