Call return


  1. Is it possible to change caller id in atxfer call return. Need to setup “Return: 200”, where 200 is number, that can’t answer. Now caller num and name “anonymous”.
  2. How to cancel atxfer call if mistype or voice mail. “*” not working.

P.S. FreePBX 2.12

Have you tried doing this using the Set CallerID module in FreePBX (under Applications)? I did something similar with our paging. We have ceiling speakers but not in all areas, so there are some desk phones in the page group. To keep users from thinking someone just called them rather than a page, I wanted to change the CID name to simply “Page” so that they’ll know “oh, just a page, no need to call them back.”

Ok, your scenario is very simple to accomplish.
My scene: Incoming call to reception. They took phone and see caller id.
They transfer call to requested destination. And here 2 problems.

  1. If they mistyped extension for example, need 223, they called 222. We need to cancel call and try another transfer.
  2. If dialed extention not answer (with assist and blind) call must to be return to reception. When the call returns no data from which he returned. If transfered several calls simultaneously, it is very difficult to remember who and where switched.