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I was looking to get a little advice. We are new to FreePBX and were looking at how call recordings work, are the call recordings done on the trunk side and for auditing , how they are then accessed. We are particularly interested on finding out if role based access is possible so that only administrators can delete them. Any information or resource links would be greatly appreciated.



Checkout below links.It will help you.

That’s great! thanks for the info. so just to confirm, recordings are done on the trunk. Also and quite important to our clients is role based administration. I am assuming this is not something that FreePBX does, if you are able to log onto the PBX you can delete recordings. This isn’t too much of an issue as it would just mean that certain users will not have access to the PBX.

For purposes of discussion, let’s assume you are running a call-out sweatshop. Your CSR are not going to have any access to the server, they are not going to connect via UCP, and even if they do, no one should be deleting phone calls except the administrators, right?

I run a couple of setups like this. The calling floor gets a click-to-dial that is their only access to the server. They have no record of calls they’ve made and they have no access to the recordings.

That’s great. Are the call recordings trunk side ?

Asterisk is a back to back user agent. The concept of “trunk side” recordings doesn’t translate.

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