Call recordings to include Announcements

  1. Calls come into FreePBX and pass through an Inbound Route that’s set to Force recordings.

  2. The call is then passed to a Ring Group that plays an announcement informing callers that the call may be recorded. Recording in the RG is set to “Don’t Care”.

  3. There are several extensions and a cell phone (with #). The extensions are all set to Don’t Care for recording.

The recordings are only beginning when the extension (or cell phone) picks up the call. Since we’ve set recording to begin at the Inbound Route, we want the recording to include the announcement advising the caller that the call may be recorded, as well as the rings the caller hears while they’re waiting for the call to be answered.

My client is concerned that if any of these recordings are litigated, they need to include the disclaimer that the call may be recorded.

Thank you all in advance for any insight you may have on this.



There’s a setting under settings > advanced settings which allows you to record calls as soon as the call hits the Trunk. I forgot the name of the setting.

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You are my hero.
I’ve pulled out [all] of my hair on this issue.
I can’t thank you enough!!!

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