Call recording questions: multi channel wav? more than 2 callers?

We have to record all calls for compliance purposes.

We like to have each party on a separate channel in the audio file. If people are talking over each other, it’s helpful to load up the .wav into audacity and just focus in on one channel at a time.

Our Agent is on Channel 1, and our customer is on Channel 2 of the .wav file. Sometimes we have a 3 way call, and in that case we’d want the third party on Channel 3, which is think makes things a little more complex i’m sure? Not sure if this is even possible?

How would I do this? I guessing it would require a custom dialplans, i’m pretty new to freepbx, still learning, and right now I’m mostly just familiar with the gui. I’m not expecting someone to hand me the answer, but i’m hoping you can have a little extra patience to point me in the right direction.

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