Call recording not working after update

I am running FreePBX, which I’ve updated to recently. Since the 22nd, automatic call recordings on our queues have stopped working. I double checked the settings on our queues and Call Recording is set to “Yes”. I even turned it off and back on again with no success. The GUI does not indicate or display that the recording was save and the file is not present on the disk. This was working in 14.0.3 and earlier.

Is anyone else having this issue and is there a fix coming for this? I’m not entirely sure what module has broken this feature, but is there a way to roll it back to a previous version?

Log file when recording on Queue is not working:
Log file when recording on Queue was working:

You claim your recording is not work, but from the trace provided:

[2018-10-22 15:07:44] VERBOSE[18710][C-00000601] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:18] Set("SIP/provider1-trunk-0000092f", "__CALLFILENAME=q-801-7285559491-20181022-150744-1540235264.7884") in new stack
[2018-10-22 15:07:44] VERBOSE[18710][C-00000601] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:19] MixMonitor("SIP/provider1-trunk-0000092f", "2018/10/22/q-801-7285559491-20181022-150744-1540235264.7884.wav,abi(LOCAL_MIXMON_ID),") in new stack

and later

[2018-10-22 15:10:33] VERBOSE[18734][C-00000601] app_mixmonitor.c: End MixMonitor Recording SIP/provider1-trunk-0000092f

the call was recorded.

@lgaetz brings up a good point. If we assume the logs are correct (which would be the normal thing to do), the next step is to make sure you are looking in the right place. Log in to the console and start in /var/log/asterisk/monitor. Use the command "find . -name ‘q-801-*’ " (the single quotes are required) to find your recordings.

If you’re not finding them, “fwconsole chown” might be in order (in case there’s a permissions problem).

Running the find command only yields results before the update.

I tried the fwconsole chown command, and it seemed to work for a bit when I created a new queue to test. CDR showed there was a recording, but when I refreshed, it disappeared.

After a little more troubleshooting, I think I figured it out. A recording would appear on the file system and consume space like normal, but after the call ends it is deleted. In the Call Recording module I had “Remove zero duration files” set to “Yes” before and during the update. So, I changed it to “No”, ran core reload in the Asterisk console then set it to “Yes” again.

I’ve given it a few minutes and so far, the recordings are not disappearing anymore. I will update if it starts automatically deleting them again. Other than that, the problem appears to be resolved.

Thanks again!

It seems that the issue took longer after changing settings, but it is still deleting call recordings with “Remove zero duration files” enabled even when they are greater than zero in duration.

For the past hour and a half, I kept the feature disabled and the recordings are kept. I think there might be a bug in how it’s handling the deletion of zero duration call recordings in the latest version for FreePBX.

If you can repeatably make it fail, submit it on an Issues ticket and be sure to explain how you make if work and how you make it fail. A fix should come back fairly quickly.

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