Call Recording issue

I am trying to record calls. I set the inbound route to record (force) as well as the extension etc. when the call is over, I go into the CDR reports and the recording is blank.

When I SSH to the server it shows the file as 44 bytes
-rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 44 Aug 6 10:40 internal-1111-101-20180806-103959-1533566399.4.wav

If i look in the root - /var/spool/asterisk/monitor I see the recorded file and it recorded fine.
-rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 553004 Aug 6 10:40 1533566399.4.wav

I can download the file from the /monitor directory with WinSCP no problem. I updated the server via yum update and checked to make sure all the modules were updated etc.

This is really only an issue because the CDR download of the recorded file points to the 44byte file so its more of an annoyance than anything else but any idea on how to fix this?

Hrmmmm… it shouldn’t store wav files in the root… it looks like your recordings are being stored incorrectly (mis-configured) but the CDR is expecting to see them in a “default” spot. While that doesn’t explain where the 44 byte files are coming from (unless the CDR is actually touching/creating that file by opening it or something) and that’s the reason the 44-byte file is ending up there.

I would double-check your configuration for your storage location of recordings; it looks like it’s not putting them in the right folder, and the CDR can’t find them.

thanks for the reply. Do you know where to check that storage setting? I cant seem to find it…

OK I found the setting but there is no override listed in Override Call Recording Location:
The CDR finds them its just the 44byte file that has a bunch of characters prefixing the file that is located in the root

Storing the files in the monitor root is the old behavior. This was bad because you could get a directory so big you couldn’t get a directory listing of it. It seems to me this change happened around the time FreePBX 11 was released.

Something odd is happening here. I don’t have any idea what, but something really strange is happening.

The odd thing is that if I look in the directory there are some recordings in the proper place (from a couple of months ago).

Anyone have any idea on how to rectify this?

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