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Hello all,

Reaching out to others, having checked Forum posts, Commercial modules, Bug/Feature requests and not finding exactly what I am after.

I have a client (that uses FreePBX) that primarily receives incoming calls…

Now they have 200 extensions, and most of their calls come through an IVR, then into a Queue. The Queue has a recording that specifies that their call may be recorded for blah blah reasons. All good…been working for years like that. The “your call might be recorded” was either added to the IVR or the Queue Announcements.

They have now requested that they want further extensions with recording turned on…These extensions are not necessarily involved with the Queue e.g. these extensions (have direct DID’s) so they may have taken the call directly, and sometimes they may end up transferring the call to the team that is normally a member of a queue. These calls are still part of the core business so it is necessary to record them from the outset.

Whilst the call recording options can be set at the Extension level (which are great) (in addition to the Queue itself) , I find that you cannot play the “your call may be recorded” message based on the Extension settings. (e.g. would only play for the extensions that have these settings turned on).

I have thought of other solutions (to work around this requirement)…such as

Playing a default recording on all inbound calls (not a big deal to play to all calls - covers the legal requirement)…basically at the Trunk or Inbound Route Level, but no structure in the current system for this.

Yes I have thought of a announcement, pointing every inbound call to that first, but with 200 different call flows (e.g. Direct DID’s, IVR’s, Ring Groups) that will not work.

Just wondering how others have managed this, or what solutions you have put in place. Open to any ideas…



You would need something like this to play on every incoming call.

Replaced dahdi with pstn

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