Call Quality Issues

I had a topic open but it was automatically closed after a few days…way too short. Is anyone else having problems with call son FreePbx 14? I have all the latest updates installed but all of a sudden all calls on the server had really bad digitation/clipping? I did a check on the network and CPU and there are no issues but my users are now complaining its nearly unusable? (its a virtual server at CyberLynk). I built a new server and its not perfect, its better then the current server.

I’m going to guess that no one answered your last request because you provided a similar level of detail to this one.

There is no single error that causes clipping. The most common problem is network errors, but it could be hard drives going bad, poor IRQ management, over-loading of the CPU, memory errors, memory full, drives full, hackers attempting to access your phone system, hackers in your phone system, provider problems, software errors, local switch configuration, bad computer sending out Christmas Tree packets, switch performance because of a looped route, firewall settings, router timeouts, and probably about 30 or 50 things.

Without detail, no one wants to dive into that. Tell us what you’ve looked at and what you’re finding, and we might be able to provide some insight. Without, it’s just us asking you questions and you telling us “no”.

I had a lot more details in the previous posting but I didnt want type it all in again. I got busy and didnt post for a few days and they closed it. I have several virtual servers at CyberLynk and the audio is getting worse. All my users on one server are complaining the quality of the calls are poor. I dont have any network issues at either end of the call (customer->cyberlynk or cyberlynk to SIP provider) and the quality f calls i going down hill. I wasnt sure if it was to patches I loaded recently which is why i am asking if anyone else is experiencing it? The server was working fine for many months (I have had it over a year) and cyberlink claims there are no issues on their end) I didnt make any changes to the connfiguration or settings of the server other than adding a few more telephones which i have since removed completely already due the the call quality issues. I have noticed when I run TOP there are PHP scri[ts running that all look like they are related to calendar event updates (which I dont currently use) and even with 4 processors and 8G ram are using a lot of CPU for a second or two and the call issues appear to be in that time frame.

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