Call Park Returned Unanswered

So our receptionists park a good amount of incoming callers. We have multiple ring groups that share the same parking lot. The way I have things currently set is parked calls return back to the original parker after 60 seconds. These ringback to the parker just fine, they can re-park if needed, other phones can pickup parked calls just fine, etc.

The issue is that if the calls ringback and the receptionist is busy on another call and can’t pick the inbound ringing call in time. It only rings 3-4 times and then is disconnected. I can’t set the unanswered destination for a returned parked call to be a specific ring group, since multiple ring groups share the same parking lot. I need the call parker to be the destination, but need some alternate handling. Or at least to be able to extend the ring time.

Is there a setting in FreePBX or a custom config option where I can accomplish this?

So long story short is I’m wondering if there’s a way I can define a larger number of rings when parked calls are returned to the originator. I tested things out and it only rings 4 times before being considered unanswered. If you directly dial the receptionist the call rings for a full minute before being considered unanswered. But the parked call return doesn’t honor this configuration.

Okay, I now see where I can change the ring timer for returned parked calls. This post helped me out immensely --> Extended the ring timer to a full 60 seconds, so I should be fine!

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