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Call history limit in UCP- need to see all


FreePBX 12.7.4-1803-1.sng7

UCP isn’t showing all call history- shows about 118 entries. Can’t seem to find a way to have it show all call history. Help?

Thanks in advance!

(Andrew Byrd) #2

Upper right in the CDR report screen - Change value from default 100 to whatever number of entries you want to view.


It’s not the Admin CDR screen where we have the problem, it’s in the User Control Panel. I cannot find a way to adjust the number of entries it pulls from CDR, and it’s not consistent between extensions. The two I just checked are showing 70 and 155 respectively, none further back than May 2.

(Andrew Nagy) #4

There is no limit. In UCP it only shows calls from/to that extension. You can’t see “all” There is no “global” CDR in UCP


Hi Andrew-

I think I’m not being clear. If I look in CDR for one of the extensions, I see calls going back to January when the system was installed. If I look in Call History in the UCP for that extension I only see a few weeks of history. The older calls and recordings for that extension are in CDR but don’t seem to be accessible for that user in UCP.

(Andrew Nagy) #6

You said

There is no limit. So there is nothing for you to adjust.

(Andrew Nagy) #7

Example of UCP for my extension on the Sangoma Corporate Server

I have over 161,760 records in there. From Mon, Nov 2, 2015 10:08 AM until today.


Yep- what you’re showing is what I would expect. The system I’m looking at isn’t doing what yours is. I see calls for a particular extension in CDR that go back to Feb 1. UCP shows back to May 2.


Attempt to illustrate with snips from CDR and UCP.

(Andrew Nagy) #10

The code is the same however.


I will certainly defer to your expertise on the code base. What I can say is that the UCP is not displaying all of the calls for the extensions (it’s not just one, it’s all of them). I can’t say what is different, but something is.


Andrew, how shall we proceed here? I understand your point, and it’s not working correctly. Bug report, or buy $500 in support credits?

(Andrew Nagy) #13

It’s not a bug. Your only option is support.

(Lorne Gaetz) #14

You can check for dbase corruption:

mysqlcheck --repair --all-databases


Opened a ticket.
Andrew, the “Call History” widget only shows a few weeks in UCP.
The “Call Events” widget shows everything that shows in CDR.

Is this by design? Just want to know if I should continue burning support credits on this if it’s actually working as designed.

(Andrew Nagy) #16

As stated before. That is not happening to me or other people. So it’s not by design. I posted a screenshot showing you how far back I can go and it’s until the PBX was created.



I wasn’t trying to be pedantic; I was wondering if we had an issue with terminology in our communication between the “Call History” and “Call Events” widgets.

If they are both supposed to show all calls, what is the functional difference between them?

(Andrew Nagy) #18

One looks at CDRS the other CELS


Thanks, Andrew. Appreciate the clarification.

(Steve) #20

Did you ever fix this?

I’m see exactly the same problem that you described.

UCP is version