Call history limit in UCP- need to see all

No. I was pretty much told this is impossible, even though it was clearly happening and I demonstrated as much. I gave up and had the user add the widget that works to their UCP instead of using Call History. It’s been so long I don’t remember the name of it. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

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Thanks for replying so quickly.

Sorry to hear you waste $500!

Whoever keeps removing my posts, if you feel that me pointing out that I paid for support and the issue was not ever fixed is somehow “Off topic”, please contact me directly. Removing my posts without comment like this is unfair.

It is off topic. This thread is about there being an issue in seeing the call history in UCP not about how much money you spent on support. That is off topic (what does the specific amount you paid for support have to do with this thread). The topic of this thread is “Call history limit in UCP- need to see all”. Not “I paid XXX for support and did not get help”.

In the message to you about the comment being hidden it says You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.

After it was deemed off topic you came back to essentially say the same thing again. Ignoring the off topic warning. So that is why the second message was hidden and you were warned as being off topic again

I was told me to go through support to get this fixed. I did what I was told and it wasn’t fixed. That is entirely relevant to the topic and subsequent discussion. Now someone else has verified. Still and issue, still not fixed.

Just because 1 other person is experiencing the same issue as you does not mean it’s “still an issue, still not fixed”. If it was an issue support would have passed it along, or we would have seen more people complaining.

The amount you spent on support is not relevant at all. You going through support and not getting help is relevant but you didn’t say that, you just made a complaint about how much money you spent for no resolution. Do I need to clarify this further? You’ve been warned twice now.

I’d be happy to discuss on the phone with you and Tony, Andrew. Bickering here and unilaterally censoring me doesn’t solve the end user issue or anything else.

The message to you was You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.

The first comment that was ‘hidden’ and marked ‘off-topic’ is a single line that is you complaining about how much money you spent on support. Which is still off-topic to the thread (again how much money you spent is irrelevant to the issue in this thread). It was marked as off-topic

Then you added a second comment posting essentially the same thing. That was also flagged as off-topic (because its the same theme as the first comment)

Your original comment is still here and was never hidden. Just your irrelevant comment(s) about how much money you spent.

You can edit those message and remove the comment about how much money you spent because it is irrelevant. or you can leave them hidden and claim unilateral censorship. It’s up to you, but it’s entirely in your control.

The message also says “Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden”

Is that actually true?

Indeed, let’s get on the phone and sort this out.

Just thought I would follow up on this as I did go through paid support and I was able to demonstrate a problem which made the history list appear not to show all call history.

The issue was passed to engineering and was patched/fixed a few days later.

The fixed version was CDR Reports

Hope this helps.

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Yes, that’s very helpful, thank you for posting back.

Thanks for following through with support. Once support sent the ticket back to us (which did not happen before) we were able to see the problem to be able to fix it. Unfortunately without seeing the issue the team wasn’t sure what to fix. Sometimes support is a better option especially since no one can login to a system without signing a liability form

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