Call forwarding with AAstra Phones

I have a quick question regarding call forwarding. I am using FreePBX, and I have a number of AAstra phones (6757i and 6753i). I can forward calls using the feature codes (*72, etc.), but the AAstra phones also have an option to forward calls through their GUI, and that does not seem to work. Do these phones need to be programmed to use the phone feature to forward calls? I looked at the AAstra manual, but they basically give a description of what to do, which does not seem to work.

Given the choice of any form of call handling, you are safer disabling any phone side features and relying on Asterisk to do all that stuff or they will fight each other and you will lose, make sure your phones have any “vertical feature codes” disabled and that the phones dialstring allows any asterisk type *nn codes to complete

When this feature is used, it is almost impossible to figure out why the calls are getting forwarded if you didn’t do it. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been asked “one of my phones is forwarding calls and my GUI says it shouldn’t be…” After we tell them (basically) what @dicko just said, they silently disappear. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Good points.

One related question: If I use the feature codes (*72, for example), can i set that from another extension? I have an phone in the office and one at my home (working off the same phone serer). If I decide to work from home, how can I set my work phone to forward to my home phone?

As I recall, there is a way to set CFW for any extension through UCP, and I think there’s a sequence you can use from the phone.

Thanks. I’ll look into it.

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