Call forwarding timeout not working

Hi, we have FreePBX v 14. I am having a problem with call forwarding, and setting the timeout for call forwarding.

I go into the User Control panel, and set call forward on for no answer, and set the time to say 5 seconds.
I go to extensions, and on the summary, I see the boxes are now ticked to show call forwarding is on for that extension.
I then call that extension, it continues to ring until the phone times out (30 secs or ss). Just as the timeout occurs, it activates the forward, and the extension forwarded to rings just once, then the call drops.

It seems like it is ignoring the timeout for call forward set on the user contrrol panel? I cannot find out why…


I think you are trying to adjust the Initial Ring Time, which is set in the Extension. The CF timeout doesn’t start until the Call is forwarded.

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