Call forwarding not showing on Cisco Phone

i have a cisco phone 7945G which is working perfectly on Freepbx . The only issue is that when you want to enable call forwarding from the phone, it does take the call forwarding number that you have entered but it wont just display that its now forwarding. if you check in asterisk database using “database show” you can see the extension and number, and if you actually make a call to that ext it forwards. the only issue is that its not displaying it on the phone that its in forwarding state. what could i be missing.

The Cisco was not designed to work with Asterisk/freePBX. You might see the forwarding state, when you use UCP for this extension.

If you set call forwarding using the FreePBX feature code, then it won’t be evident on the phone. The phone itself should have a call forward function, and if you use that, you will see the indicator.

On devices like this where there is no phone apps support, the only thing you can do is set a BLF button to track the CF hint, which is the CF toggle feature code prefixed by the ext number, i.e.:


The BLF button LED will change depending on CF status.

In your SEP-config.xml file you should have an entry like this for every blf button:

		<line button="5">

You have to adapt the speedDialNumber as lgaetz suggested…

If you are using Chan-SCCP-B and have the phone in native SCCP mode, the call forward status works as it should. IIRC, this is one of the things that got nerfed in the SIP load to save processing power on the phone.

thanks for all the responses, but i know this feature works well, because it was working before on this same PBX. This just stopped working a while ago. The call forwarding was being enabled on the phone itself using a “CFwdALL” soft key on the phone. this would use the x-cisco-serviceuri-cfwdall in the XML file and call forwarding would be set on the PBX and it would display on the phone. this just stopped working i.e its no longer displaying on the phone, but in the back end its actually setting the call forwarding.

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