Call forwarding an external call to an external number

I have setup FreePBX for the enterprise I work for. I’ve noticed that if an extension has setup the “Forward All” to forward all calls to a mobile phone number, then it works only if someone calls that extension from another extension. But that doesn’t happen if an external number does the same, instead it disconnects the call by saying it’s busy.
For example:
User on extension 150 sets up call forwarding to his mobile number: 691234567
If extension 123 calls 150, then the call will reach 691234567
If an external number like 697654321 calls 150, then the call will never reach 691234567 !

What should I do?

Are your dial patterns in outbound routes limiting by CallerID? Share a call trace via pastebin to figure out the failure:

I have a similar issues, I restrict who can dial out from my PBX to registered extensions.

When an internal caller is transferred out to a mobile number its own extension registration is enough to authorise the call, but when an external caller is transferred there is no authorisation to process the call.

What is did is add a external call route for the particular mobiles I want to forward to that are unrestricted, as in any party can make that call, it worked fine then.

You were 100% right.
The guy who set up the FreePBX had put a dial pattern of 4XX when it should be a 10 digit one.
Thank you very much!

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