Call forward via database

All, hopefully you know the awnser.

I want the following, but don’t know how to.
Let’s i have an incoming call (outbound) to my free pbx. The number of the caller is 0123-456789, can freepbx do al lookup in a database, so that the incoming call directly will be forwarder to the correct device/extension.

So i program the number in an database and attach extension 201 to it, so when 0123-4567889 calls me it goes directly to the right person. So we don’t have to use extra external numbers etc.

Numbers that are not in the database, have to follow the normal callflow, and goes in this case to the mainoffice ringgroup.

Thanks, already for your reaction.


Have you tried adding an incoming route and entering the (incoming) caller id under: Caller ID Number?

The case is, customer wants to have 1 outbound number. And only a few numbers that are dialing in can go directly to an extension, witch first is checked via an database.

Offcourse we can use more outbound numbers, and place those inthe called-id. But that is not what i want.

Thanks for the tip.


you are mis-understanding cynid3’s response.

Create a route with the DID and the caller’s CallerID and point that to the desired extension. This will route calls from that caller. Other calls will take the route that has no CallerID as part of it.

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would anybody help mee?

You can use api …