Call Forward to external Number, in a specific time

Hi all!
I wanto to forward a call to an external number, but only when a specific time occurs.

I’am out of the house every Monday, the whole day. So if anybody is dialing my general extension number (13) i want to forward the call to my mobile-number.

My first impression was to a create time condition and set up a ‘other destination’ which forwards the call to my mobile number. But that’s not the way - i can’t link this condition to an specific extension to activate it when someone is dialing this extension number.
So, i think it would be a easy step to do this - but where should i start? Maybe the “follow me” feature?

Thank you for every answer!

Follow Me supports calendar integration.

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A few years ago I used a “less standard” approach.

  • Set up Bluetooth on a server in your office so that the system can spot whether your BT phone is in the house or not.

  • When the phone is not in the local area, send a message to the Asterisk server to set up FMFM to send your extension to your cell phone.

  • When the phone is in BT range, turn off the FMFM.

You can do all of it with a shell script - like I said, I did this a long time ago and used “rasterisk” as the interface to the script.

Thanks - that’s an interesting way.
So i need to set up a calender with a calender events and link the event to a ‘other destination’ which includes the external phone number?

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You add your external number in the FollowMe list, then tie your FollowMe with the calendar you setup the schedule.


So, that’s what i’ve made.
I’m loading up some screenshots from the calender setup and the extensions followMe setup.
At the moment, it won’t work with the time i’ve set up in the calender.

When dialing the extensions number, within the specified time which is configured in the calender as an event, the external number starts ringing after the configured time. BUT i think thats only because followMe is ON in general, and it’s not picking up the calender event at all.
When seeting up the calender event to a another day, e.g. friday, click submit, the external extension is ringing also…

So, do you see the problem here? The intesting thing is, that the blue line in the calender begins at tuesday and goes all the way trought wed, thu, fri, sat, sun … What’s that problem here? I’ve just set it up to occur on Tuesday. I just want to forward the call within the calenderevent to my mobile number on every Tuesday.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Oh god, that was silly from me. Sorry - i’ve found the solution.
I’ve got a serious error in my calender setup, i think you see it. I’ve configured the startdate wrong and just change the ‘Repeat On’ days to test if the followMe-functions works or not… but it runs everytime in that event because of the startdate…

Thanks for your help! It’s working now with the calender setup!

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