Call Event Log (CEL) download (How?)


I’d like to ask you, how could i download the Call Event Log (not the call history log) from the server.
I tried through the UCP on the 13 and the 14 version of Freepbx.
I configured the user and the group settings like this :

, but when i log into the UCP, there is no download button (I searched everywhere )

Does anyone have a solution to this?
I’m open for any solution, i just need all the diaed numbers of the extension in txt if possible.
(btw on the freepbx v13 i can download the call history, but not the call events)

There is no way to do this

… so if you want this functionality added to the system, put in a Feature Request through the Issues link at the top of the page.

I know this is an ancient thread but was this functionality ever added?

I don’t recall seeing such a feature in UCP, I might be wrong…

However, in the regular CDR you can export as a CSV

But only one page at a time, right?

What do you mean one page? Whatever you selected and the amount of rows you set to display will save to the CSV.

Is there any way to see more than 100 rows at a time? I’d like to export a few months worth of records.


On the right side in the extra options section.