Call Centre Feature - Automated outbound dialing and playing announcement


i am using freepbx for some time now and have connected a 4 port FXO gateway and all is working well.

I have a client database of around 23K people, with few duplicates and few with incorrect contact details (missing numbers etc). i want to inform all of them regarding new activities and thus, I want to setup -
automated outbound calls and play pre recorded announcement and then hang up.

Have a sql database with contact details, thus want freepbx to access the sql database,
check the row for the contact number and if contact number is 10 digits then dial it else skip to next row.

i want to limit to 400 calls per day (with 4 concurrent calls) with time bound start and stop of the calling (morning 10 AM to evening 6 PM)
also next day it should start from the row it stopped on the previous day.
reports - summary of calls made, connected time

PS : i am not a good with creating scripts so would be glad if there is any GUI based solution.
I can export sql database to excel or csv if required.

Is this a job? Or are you asking someone to do this work for you for free?

Sangoma offers a commercial module that might fit your needs (based on what you’ve written):
Broadcast Xact Dialer-Admin Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (
Appointment Reminder-Admin Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Likewise there are also some 3rd party vendors:
Asterisk Predictive Dialer | WombatDialer

Another option could be creating callfiles and writing a cron job that keeps 4 of the call files out in the outgoing folder at all times.
Call Files
linux - Shell Script to move oldest file from one directory to another directory - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

hello @comtech
its for myself…no paid job
The commercial modules are way over my budget, that’s why was looking for a open source solution.

this link is not working, “this site can’t be reached”

So i searched around a bit and found this,

  1. voip-info tutorial
  • dated 2005 could not find a recent year-version
  • i am not a coder by any means and it is hard to understand the syntax of VB or how to use it.

so using the tutorial, i am able to make .call files and it does make outbound calls … hurray!!

now i need to
-understand how to automate the process to create .call file and substitute the contact number from the separate list to the call file.
-have 4 trunks and thus need a script that will spit 4 call files and then wait for xxx time and then again spit out 4 files along with moving the files to the outgoing folder.
-also there is no feedback whether call went through/picked up/busy/call failure if any.
-also there is no way to transfer the files processed by the asterisk to another folder for archiving.

You are incorrect :slight_smile:, add archive: yes and the archived file contains the status .

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