Bypass the FreePBX dialplan

Hello FreePBX Community members,

I am new at this system, ihave installed FreePBX14, i have experience on Asterisk 11, 13 but not in freepbx, so i was going to ask you which is the best way to bypass all the dialplan from extensions.conf in freepbx server and use only my dialplan based on my needs ?

Install Asterisk without FreePBX. All dialplan is generated by FreePBX, things in FreePBX expect that dialplan and things generated by it. VARs, state updates, etc.

Outside of that, point trunks to your own context that control how incoming calls from the PSTN are handled and point the extension’s context to your own context.

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extensions_override_freepbx.conf is where you can override freepbx generated dialplan.
Custom dialplan goes into extensions_custom.conf

However, if you don’t want to use FreePBX dialplan and instead use your own, it’s better to stick with Asterisk only, cause that is what FreePBX is mostly about, not having to write dialplan.

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thnx for the response… in fact i want to use most of the tools that are a lot of them from freepbx project , but not the dialplan , i will try modifying it on extensions_override_freepbx.conf

No. Write all your custom stuff in extensions_custom.conf

Otherwise it’ll mess up your config.

Do I need to copy also what is on extensions.conf and together with that add the lines that i need on dialplan , or just the dialplan i need to have , add on extensions_custom.conf ?

I’m pretty sure EVERYTHING in your home-brew dialplan can be more easily re-written in the FreePBX contexts, identify something that can’t and add it to extensions_custom.conf.

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Very good question, I’ve been confused about this.

“extensions_override_freepbx.conf is where you can override freepbx generated dialplan.
Custom dialplan goes into extensions_custom.conf”

Does everybody agree on this?

How can I see the freepbx dial plan for comparisons?

“that is what FreePBX is mostly about, not having to write dialplan” LOL Avayax, I wish somebody would have explained this to me at the start.

Security has alot to do with the dialplan, or so asterisk vids drum into me. Yet Freepbx dialplan is now super secure?

I listen to voip security experts lecture all about various tweaks to improve asterisk dialplans. But never needed in freePBX?

From bash

 rasterisk -x 'dialplan show'
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Thank You!

So do we - in fact, quite a few of us (not me, but I include myself to feel important) are VOIP security experts. FreePBX includes the “best practice” guidance from many sources for security and implements its own integrated firewall to express them. FreePBX also includes a highly tested “Adaptive” firewall that allows you to open your PBX to the Internet to allow traveling extensions to connect from non-secure networks as well as implementing a “point to point” VPN implementation.

If you have a specific security concern, please post it so that we can explain how that risk is mitigated.


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