Busy tone when dialing any number

I’ve just got my Cisco phones setup and I’m attempting to call extension-to-extension. When I pickup the handset, I get a dial tone, but as soon as I press any number I get a busy tone. This happens after I press any 1 number including *.

Is there some critical setup step that I missed?


Dialtone is kind of fake, its the phone playing it
Can you call the phone from a known working device

I can call the Cisco phone from a softphone, yes

double check the dial plan in the phone. it sounds like your phone is sending the digits prematurely to asterisk before you are ready

I haven’t edited the dial plan from whatever the default is. Is there a good sample for this? I’m brand new to the phone game.

combine this with “installing Cisco” and you are in for a steep learning curve. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome phones, but Jeez, the are a mother-bear to set up.

The dial plan is in DialPlan.XML, DIALPLAN.XML, or some other variation of that spelling. Your DHCP and TFTP Server logs will tell you which one the phone is looking for. One of the many “pound my forehead against the desk” components of installing Cisco.

A Few general things about Cisco [78]* phones

A) They work perfectly with Cisco’s UCM but not with anything else.
B) They are cheap as sh*t ( why? one wonders . . . )
C) they need a password < 16
D) they need to use TCP
E) Because of B-D, they are truly a PITA with !UCM

Please read this forum and others for a few thousand posts as to why they should not be your first choice if not a masochist

On a brighter note (not to disagree with @dicko, cuz he ain’t wrong)…

A) They work well with SCCP load and with Asterisk and Chan-SCCP-B from GitHub
B) They are cheap because they show up on the used market and they still work like a champ
C) In SIP mode, they are deliberately crippled by Cisco to keep people from using them
D) The use UDP in “SCCP” mode (on port 2000) but only work through a VPN or on the local network
E) Because of A-D, they are a pain to use in SIP mode and better (but still not simple) to use with Asterisk.

I’ve written extensively about adding Chan-SCCP-B to FreePBX in the past. I’d recommend that path, having been on the one you are, but it’s certainly not impossible to get where you want to go.

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As ever @cynjut nailed it with Ciscos and SIP

Either go that route or spend a little more for a Yealink/Polycom/anything else and reduce baldness in the population.

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(Be aware that OOTB these phones look primarily for DHCP/150 not DHCP/66, you can intercept there if you want to be clever)

Thanks for the replies, all. Yes, I had to configure Option 150 on the DHCP server, yes I had to use TCP, and yes I’m using these phones because they were cheap ($40 on eBay for the 9711’s with the camera included).

I manually generated the dialplan.xml file with a very simple config and got the phones working!

        <TEMPLATE match="*" Timeout="3" />
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