Bulk Handler and DIDs/Inbound Routes

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I’m working on migrating from an old and now unsupported Digium server and am stuck on importing DIDs.
In order to figure out the precise formatting of the CSV file needed to import, I first manually created a couple of inbound routes, and then attempted to do an export. Problem is, the export is blank. I thought maybe where I’m creating the inbound routes isn’t actually where the bulk handler is exporting from.

However, I was able to eventually manually create a CSV with the headers of “description,extension,destination” and import back into Inbound Routes using bulk handler. Unfortunately, even though I didn’t receive an error on the import, when I go into the Inbound Routes table, the entries are not showing up correctly. Specifically, the “destination” column, where I am trying to enter in the extension in the format “Extension,1234” for example, is showing as not valid.

The documentation doesn’t really tell me how to proceed here. I’d first very much like to get the export to work, so I can see what the system is expecting on import. If I can get that working I’m sure I’ll be fine. Is there any reason why the Export would continually show up blank, even though I have items in the Inbound Routes list?

Thought I’d include the section of documentation that I’m going by and how I’m interpreting it.

description (Description), - pretty self explanatory. I’m using “firstName lastName”
extension (Incoming DID), - also, not much confusion here. I’m using format “1112223333” (w/out quotes)
cidnum (Caller ID Number), leaving this blank
destination (The context, extension, priority to go to when this DID is matched. Example: app-daynight,0,1), - here is where I’m confused. In the entries that I put in manually, the Destination involves picking the “type” of destination from a drop down. The list is long, but it includes “Extensions” as an option, and when I choose that option, I get another drop down that has all my extensions, including the description/name.

Well, that was random. After a reboot I was able to get the export to work. To use an extension in the “destination” field, the column name is “from-did-direct”
content in those fields looks like this
Not sure what the last “1” is for, but if it’s not that (a “2” for example) then the import doesn’t work.

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