Importing DID's using the bulk handler does not link to an extension already created

I have see that this query was not resolved! See Bulk Handler and DIDs/Inbound Routes - #2 by dpgator33

How do you get the DID import to link to an extension destination because no matter what I put it will not link to the precreated extension. What am I doing wrong please? I need help urgently!

This is my template but the destination just will not link to the DID’s.

And this is after import, you can see it does not link to the extension.

Fix your ‘template’, your destination is actually a date

date -d @105241338

This will not make any difference. This is the extension number used for this extension and I need to know what to put in the template field for the DID to be allocated to this extension when the file is imported. Currently it does not link to the extension!

I very much doubt that your extensions are named 105241338,0,1 but that is what your ‘template’ is stating, so that’s where the import is trying to send it.

The extension which I made to send all these DIDs is this extension number, and this is where the DIDs should be sent to. So what should I put in the this box to make the import work, because so far no matter what I do according to the wiki help, nothing works.

this is the correct extension!

I don’t believe your export is working, post it’s contet.

Its import not export, I only need to import DIDs and link them to a single extension!

Then write the template correctly , I suggest you first ‘export’ your did’s then examine it’s structure, then fill it in with destination extensions, not seconds since 1970 :wink:

Okay, I have exported the DIDs and created a blank template with the new DIDs so lets see if it allocates them

It worked! Thank you for your help :star_struck:

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