Bulk delete Inbound routes

We have a situation where we had to duplicate extension numbers and 10 digit numbers in the Inbound Route table for a tie-trunk during the rollout of our FreePBX phone system. Now we need to delete those 4 digit inbound routes (about 160 of them) but we have so many it brings the FreePBX to it’s knees.

Is there a way to bulk remove Inbound Routes? Maybe a remove all and bulk add or something like that?

We using version 13 FreePBX.

in mysql there is a way for deleting inbound routes:
delete from incoming where extension like ‘____’;
should work. I have tested it with a four-digit inbound route while having more digits on every other inbound route and it worked. if you have a standard installation mysql should not ask for a password.

Or you truncate the table and use the bulk import. therefor you should add one extension and use the bulk exporter for dids. then prepare the import list like the line you have exported or use the minimum requirements comma separated:
description (Description),extension (Incoming DID),cidnum (Caller ID Number),destination (The context, extension, priority to go to when this DID is matched. Example: app-daynight,0,1)
sed (exists in every unix-like environment) does a great job here.

Thanks for the replies. We ended up deleting them one at a time. However I did look at the Bulk DID module.

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