Bulk assignment to class of service

There has to be a way to add multiple phones at once to class of service. The double click in the class of service doesn’t work and I repeatedly have to make those assignments on larger systems. Doing it one at a time in the extension module is PAINFUL!

Does anyone have a shortcut!

This is a verion 15 FreePBX install.

On the Members tab, can you drag extensions from Exclude to Include?

Or, can you bulk export Extensions, edit and Import?

Yeah, the drag and drop doesn’t work so well when you have hundreds of extensions and most of the ones you need are at the bottom of the list.

Regarding bulk import, I’m not aware of a field that populates the class of service. That would be nice.

I don’t have the module but based my comment on:

Perhaps it’s a bug you should report.

Otherwise, how are you using this module? In a typical system, most of the phones have the same CoS e.g. no restrictions except international destinations. There are a few extensions (doors, lobby, hall, etc.) that are greatly restricted. A few managers are allowed international calling. If you start by including all extensions in the ‘no international’ class, you only have to move a few phones to the other classes.

I do use this module. I have multiple sites and each one has their own POTS lines via a Sangoma Vega 60. So I need to direct each sites outbound via a different outbound route and trunk.

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