Broadcast cannot be upgraded: ◦The Module Named "amd" is required

Have just been catching up with some updates on a FreePBX 10.13.66-22 system. Got through almost all of the updates with the exception of the following…

Broadcast cannot be upgraded: ◦The Module Named "amd" is required.
 Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.

Don’t see this ‘amd’ module anywhere in the modules list to install… sooooooo… where do I get this mysterious module that Broadcast requires and how do I install it?


It’s in the standard repo, should be installable from Module Admin or at the bash prompt with:

 fwconsole ma downloadinstall amd

hi, in order to install amd in the gui, you need to click on the “extended” button and amd will appear in the applications section

I didn’t need to select the extended repository for it to show up for me. With only the Standard repository selected, it appeared after hitting “Check Online.” It was the first one listed in the “Applications” section of the module admin.

Thanks all. For whatever reason it was not showing in the GUI, even with all 4 repos selected. But was able to install it from the command line (and now that it’s installed it does show up in the GUI.

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