Bridge appearance

On an Avaya PBX you can share an appearance of a single extensions line and use it at the same time. How can I replicate this function on freepbx?


Would an answer be to have the same extension number appear as a line on every extension? Would every handset with this line be able to click in and out of a call as they wished?

Whats the correct way to do this?


Does anyone have a solution on how to share a single line across multiple extensions?

I want a group of users to be able to select the same incoming line a bit line a key system does.


Many have asked but FreePBX remains a PBX (hence it’s name :slight_smile: ) your best option is an admixture of a “ring group” and “parking lots”, it just can’t behave like a Key-System though because it isn’t.

Thanks for the answer. I was surprised it couldn’t do this but I find lots of systems of all sizes can’t. Key phone system can but yet so can an Avaya Communication Manager.

Maybe I could write something to put a call into a conference or something.

Or perhaps we should ask for this to be provided as a proper feature

If you enter “key system” in the search box thingy at the top right of this page ,you will see what you are up against :slight_smile: