Brekeke relay on outgoing SIP calls, NO Audio

I have a brand new FreePBX Phone System 60. Our company has all calls routed through a Brekeke. Inbound calling comes from Vitelity thought our Brekeke to our 2 FreePBX machines.Inbound calling works fine. On a out bound call it starts at outr FreePBX and goes to the Brekeke then to SipRoutes. When I make outbound call on the new machine I have no audio, I copied all the info from the old machine to the new one. From what I understand on a out bound call the SIP messages are handled via the Brekeke while the audio is by passing the brekeke. The old machine is FreePBX version 12 and it works fine. If I connect the new machine to VOIP.MS or Vitelity it works fine. Does anybody have any experience with this type of a relay? I have tried several different routers and also different internet connections and I always get the same result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.