Blocking outbound caller id per extension

Is there an option I just cant find for blocking outbound CID based on per extension, not all encompassing by setting on trunk, some of our residents like to be able to enable/disable CID for some calls so they dont get marketers and sales scurge calling them every dinner time trying to sell them something.

For the life of me I cant find an option, but surely in 2020 there is one?

Yes, you can do it with outbound routes. Make a route with certain parameters such as prefix or range of extension numbers and force the caller id to anonymous before sending the call to a trunk.

To always block caller ID from a given extension, just set the Oubound CID name to hidden, e.g.
"hidden" <12125551212>

To selectively block , use an Outbound Route as @billsimon suggests, selected by a prefix, typically *67 in the US.

However, many people simply won’t answer anonymous calls. Depending on your organization, you could send your main number, or a DID that routes to a suitable message and then disconnects.

Thanks, we are not in the US, so will likely go down the separate outbound route with dialplan for 1831 in prefix, since thats what our incumbent uses on their anolog and most would be aware of that, was just trying to see if there was a feature code that already did that but couldnt find one.

I know many people wont answer anon calls, me included :slight_smile:
but when you’re dealing with 80-90yo’s in a retierement village…

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