Block Incoming Call to specific number

After handful of threads searching, I see many people have this issue over the years, but I cannot find a clear answer for my exact issue. I host PBX for cx home phones, so this applies to that, rather that direct extensions in house. I have a cx who wants to block someone from calling them, but I do not want this number blocked globally on the server, as this number may call other cx. I don’t know the details, nor do I care, but I assume it is just person A does not like person B, and therefore wants them blocked. How would I go about this, without globally blocking the number? Can the cx do this themselves? (*30 blocks globally so that doesn’t work. End user VoIp adapter is a Linksys Spa1001 if that helps any).

What is a ‘cx’ ?

cx = customer

I would expand the Blacklist code (lots of it) to add the ${EXTEN}'s to the ‘value’ of the asteriskdb BLACKLIST , and similarly parse that out for an inbound call. Much as some posts here do ‘whitelisting’

So the simple answer, FreePBX does not have an easy method to do so?

You’re using FreePBX in a multi-tenant setup, which it’s not well suited for.

The only pure GUI solution here is to create an inbound route with both the CID and DID defined, taking note of the toggle for CID Priority and setting correctly. You will need one inbound route for each unique CID/DID combination so it’s only practical for a small number of cases.

Looking through your links, I can use the from-internal to block calls out to a specific number, but it doesnt seem to block the inbound from that number. I have been playing with it a bit, trying to use different sources, without much luck yet.

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