Block Extensions from dialing Certian Extensions

Hi there. We’re on the latest and greatest.

We have a server where we don’t want a group of extensions to be able to dial another group of extensions.

What’s the best way to accomplish this?

No official way in the GUI.

Try this, and report back…

Isn’t there a commercial module for this (“Custom Routing”?? maybe). This question comes up reasonably often, and IIRC that’s the usual recommended course.

The “hard way” is to write a custom context that the “source” extensions could use that would block access to specific extensions and allow the rest.

You probably mean class of service, and no, it does not support restrictions between extensions.

However, it does support between queues, ring groups etc.

But the open source “custom contexts” does, yes it is a bit of of a mind Fck but can help you doing rudimentary multi-tenant stuff if you understand how it works, (just deploying one FBX for each client is probably a better solution for newbies)

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Thanks dicko. We’ll look that up and check it out.

We do use multiple servers, but not for very small accounts. We want to conserve IPv4 addresses.

A little ‘off-topic’ here but have you looked at FusionPBX (based on FreeSwitch), it is ideal for deploying many individual small clients with basic PBX needs (simple gui, in/out routing, voicemail, fax, ivr and ring-groups, provisioning (for the well-knowns) and a little more . . .) all behind one ip address and wher overlapping extension numbering is not a problem. It’s where we went for such the “up to 10-20 users” PBX’s on $5/month Vultr instances

Specifically this post:

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