BLF with FreePBX and Yealink T46G

I’ve recently installed FreePBX 13 and am having problems getting BLF to work. I’m trying to have extension 281 be able to monitor and pick up extension 237. I’ve added ext 237 to a call group and ext 281 to that pickup group. This works if I manually dial *8 from ext 281 when ext 237 is being called, however I don’t get any sort of indication on the handset.

On the 281 handset I’ve configured one of the line keys to BLF and given it the label and extension of 237. I tried adding 237 to the field “BLF List URI” under account>advanced but that doesn’t seem to help.

Any suggestions? I am doing it all wrong?

Update - was able to get BLF working with DSSKey type set to BLF, and value to ext 237. So now that line key shows the status of ext 281 and when a call comes in I can press it to take the call. My Problem now is that the inbound caller ID is not displaying correctly on the visual notification for the handset. It shows “237 <-- Unknown”. Any thoughts on how to get the inbound caller id to display?

you should check asterisk’s sip options:

and in T46G’s advanced account options:
Caller ID Source set to RPID-PAI-FROM, for example

I can only see the option to add extra settings in the ChanSIP section of Asterix Settings, and we are using PJSip, I can’t see a section where I could add those values in.

Also to clarify, when a direct call to the extension comes in, I can see caller ID correctly, only shows Unknown for a BLF call.

Pjsip does not support Caller ID on BLF.

Ahh well that makes perfect sense as to why it’s not working. Are there good reasons to use PJSIP over ChanSIP? My understanding was that it’s the newer technology and addresses shortcomings of ChanSIP but if ChanSIP is going to be around for a long time to come and I’m not gaining anything from PJSIP, it could be worth switching.

I’ve tried switching driver over to CHAN_SIP and I am still seeing the Unknown inbound caller ID. Any other thoughts?

It works for us on Sangoma phones so not sure what to help with you.

There are many ways to get what you want, but must of them need you to get out of the old habits with the “intelligence” on the phones like in the old days of TDM, ACD and 1990 tech.
What do you need to do?
Answer from a phone to calls to another when someone else is not at the desk? Use a Follow me.
Want to answer from one of many phones? Use a ring group.
Etc etc.

I’m having the exact same issue here:

Yealink T46G, chan_PJSIP, BLF enabled. When the BLF Extension is called, I’m receiving “[Ext] <- Unknown”.

I don’t get why PJSIP doesn’t support it, but since our complete pbx is now built on PJSIP, we can’t switch back to chan_sip. Can anyone help here ?

Is it definitely a PJSIP issue or is it possible to solve it somehow else ?