BLF showing CID of who remote extension is speaking with?

Hey all,

I’m fairly certain this is possible but I can’t test because a SIP phone capable of more than 1 line costs well… a few hundred to a few thousand bucks (Grandstreams with color displays are 2k+ :frowning: ) and quite frankly I don’t wanna spend that much just to answer a friggin question:

If I have a multi-line SIP phone, like GXP2160 or any other multi-line phone, is it possible to create a BLF that shows not only when the person is on the phone, but the CID of who they are on the phone with?

Something like this: (and yes, I know that is a SCCP phone [and flashing to SIP makes it crap])

I know with SCCP this is possible, but I’ve never actually tried it with SIP/asterisk/FreePBX.


Some phones do this. It has different names, ring splash, etc. Sangoma phones call it visual blf, when the blf is ringing, you get additional details displayed.

Your info re phones and prices is a bit off. I can’t think of any hard SIP phone that only supports one line, and where in the world are you that Grandstream junk costs thousands?

I promise you my info re phones and price for the country I am in is not off. I can’t even BUY a Sangoma phone here, and you A108DE PCI Express cards cost $30k (in case you don’t believe me: (vs $3400 on Amazon in the US)…

$1,200 -
$2k -

Polycom Soundstation: $11,500 -

Yealink - $4,500 -

I have bought hundreds of phones here for various clients, and even buying in bulk, you can’t get the cheapest available (Grandstream GXP1610) for less than $140.

I am in Brasil, where anything tech is outrageously expensive unless its a domestic product, then its just garbage. Even domestic (Intelbras) VoIP phones are $600+.

You said Sangoma Visual BLF is only when the line is ringing, but what about when it is in-use, does it still show the number? As I stated, with SCCP this is easily possible. With polycom + FreeSWITCH, this is also possible. So just didn’t know if this is a limitation of Asterisk or just something I’ve never seen configured with FreePBX?


I’m not aware of any sip phone that does this. Maybe others are.

thanks for your input Lorne. I did further digging on FreeSWITCH and it also isn’t possible there, only what the Sangoma phones can do, irt Visual BLF.

Looks like this may be a Cisco SCCP only feature…

Oh well, thanks! (btw, if you guys [Sangoma] are looking for a distributor to break open the Brasil market, let me know :wink: there is clearly tons of profit to be made)

I haven’t checked with Deitrich lately, but I think this is actually a CallManager (not SCCP) thing. SCCP for FreePBX (via Chan-SCCP-B on GitHub) is available and works quite well once you get the config files set up.

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