BLF not working on any phones after 6.12.65-28 update

Updated our system last week to 6.12.65-28 and as soon as this was done, our busy lamp fields stopped working on our Grandstream gxp-2160 phones. Everything else is working and we can monitor what is going on in fop2, but I wanted to see if anyone has had similar problems and if there are any suggestions on what we could try to bring them back? I restarted asterisk using the amportal restart command after the update was completed. I have tried setting everything manually on multiple phones but we have absolutely nothing lighting up at all, every blf key that we had is completely black and will not show on any of our phones.

You should open a ticket at . This is where bugs are addressed by the devs.

same problem here after the upgrade… Parking lot & Override hints working just fine but not extension blf’s (on aastra phones) switched on “generate dynamic hints” in advanced settings but still nothing.

Upgraded from 6.12.65-27 to *-28 and using asterisk 13 w/pjsip extensions. will report back if I figure it out.

We ended up downgrading back to 11 and all the extensions were converted back to chan_sip from pjsip. Everything is now working, we were not using multiple endpoints so pjsip is not necessary. I do not know why they stopped working but now everything is working fine rolling back from 13.04.