BLF List Yealink T4X

(Brendan) #1


Apologies for something that may be Yealink-specific ending up on the FreePBX forums.

I am interested in BLF List for Yealink T4x phones - and if this is possible? I have read the Admin Guide about BLF LIsts from Yealink a couple of times, but I’m just not wrapping my head around it. (I completely understand a regular BLF key).

Has anyone setup BLF List, and would they share their configurations? Thinking that maybe seeing it in action will help me understand what it’s all about. I had thought that you could just point the phone at an XML file with a list of things to monitor, and it would automatically populate that onto the handset line keys - but I don’t think this is correct. Plus, int he Admin Guide, the BLF List URI example they provide looks almost like a SIP URI (…

I am trying to achieve specific BLF keys for specific extensions - and didn’t want to have to create a heap of individual common.cfg files for the different BLF combo’s. Unless anyone has found a way to put the linekey or expansion module key configurations into the mac.cfg specific files at all? I figured that BLF List might be the way to achieve this result. Open to other suggestions if anyone has them?

Thanks a bunch!

(Jason G) #2

Did you find solution for BLF list?
I think BLF List is a RFC4662 Resource List Subscriptions. You have to configure it from config files (not in FreePBX). Example link: RLS SETUP

(Andrew) #3

For BLF, use:

linekey.X.type = 16
linekey.X.line = 1
linekey.X.value = 100
linekey.X.label = Reception

Where X is the number corresponding to the linekey you are configuring, and 100 is the extension of the BLF you want.

(Jason G) #4

We are talking about BLF LIST linekey.X.type = 39 (not simple BLF).

(Andrew) #5

AFAIK this is supported in Asterisk for PJSIP extensions but there is nothing exposed in FreePBX that allows you to configure it.