BLF "Green bar" Not showing in desktop app

I am setting up the Talk Desktop app for several extensions and the BLF bar is not showing when user is on a call or dialing out as shown in the Wiki.

I have installed as per the guide and setup all the modules as required.

what could be the reason BLF now showing on desktop app?


Did you add the user to your Favorites in Sangoma Phone Desktop? Only then you are able to see the BLF status.

Yes I added the extensions to my favorites and I see the user exten and availability but the Green bar to the left does not show

Also another issue how do I get the list of contacts to show without adding them to the favorites list?

In the video demos they show the list without the STAR Icon. I cannot seem to get anything to show up in the contacts list without Selecting as Favorite.

By default you should be able to find all FreePBX users which are stored in the User Manager. This all sounds like a bigger problem. Maybe check the permissions of your user. If nothing helps you have commercial support for Sangoma Phone Desktop so you can open a ticket with Sangoma.

I have created a ticket with Sangoma and still waiting after 6days for a response.

Whats the point of purchasing and supporting a company and paying support renewals when we get no response when there actually is a problem?

roll eyes

What’s your ticket# maybe @lgaetz can get some help for you.

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we found the ticket and we’ll be addressing it - sounds very similar to something i saw recently as well and in my case it was just presenting itself differently from what the end user expected

if you get stuck again feel free to reach out directly via support - ie ask for transfer to me or for me to call you back

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Thanks so much I appreciate the help.

Frustrated I decided to uninstall the entire module and re-install it as the results were not stable at all.

Right now it seems to be working and the BLF indicator does show up on active users. We still cannot see anyone in the contact list unless we set them as FAVORITES but thats workable :slight_smile:


We got this working by reinstalling so perhaps it was a bigger issue as you suggested. Many thanks.

I can tell you that we can search for and find any of the ext/contacts just fine but none show up in the list without adding them as Favorites.

Not sure if this is by design but it is not a critical issue but the “view” in contact tab only seems to show favorites and at least on our installation doesn’t have option to change this.


very good i will get the case closed - and please note that a manager had responded on 8/1 and i know it probably wasnt the message you wanted to hear

im glad its ended well and in the future to troubleshoot this take a look at

[root@cditc ~]# tail -f /var/log/asterisk/sangomartapi/rtapi.log | grep -i ringing


see wiki on desktop phone debug but once there , this …

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