BLF Cisco 8861 with PJSIP and others Phones


This is my first topic, and English is not my primary language.

  • Situation:

I Have 2 Cisco 8861 with 36 lines extensions BEKEM (extensions 100 and 101) and them are used as central phone for the reception.

All the others phones are Cisco SPA 504 and SPA 508 from Cisco with an functional BLF.

The reception needs the BLF on their phones to monitor Extensions before or not forwarding a call to an extension.

The protocol is PJSIP for every phone. Extensions are already created from freePBX (extensions-> pjsip extensions)

I patch my freePBX with the usecallManager patch, and follow information from : wiki freepbx org/ display/ FOP/ Cisco

So I think my Asterisk is patched.

  • Problem

I Really does not know how to make the BLF work. Explanation from usecallmanager .nz /sip-conf. html are for Asterisk Only, but I know is not recommended to edit SIP.conf manually on a freePBX Distribution. On other hand, explanation from wiki. freepbx. org/ display /FOP/ Cisco doesn’t work…

I think I have modification to do on extension_custom_post and other files but I’m not so sure of what exactly.

In addition I use PJSIP and not CHAN_SIP so I pretty sure that the configuration is different.

Anyone can help me?

What version of Asterisk?


Version 13.21.1 with patch 13.21.1 on a freePBX distribution 14 :wink:

Well the patch is not designed for PJSIP. All of those settings and adjustments happen in Chan_SIP config. Have you tried converting them to Chan_SIP and seeing if that fixes the issue?

I have tried to remplace SIP by PJSIP in certain settings and also tried to change driver from PJSIP to CHAN_SIP but only for the 8800 series. All other phone are always on PJSIP.

Does I have to change all the phone I want to monitor ? and C/C configuration from the freePBX wiki ?

When I read the patch description from issues asterisk org/ jira/ browse/ ASTERISK-13145 i see the label PJSIP :frowning:

Well, personally I think you’re better off dumping those two phones and getting SPA’s with sidecar’s. The SPA series is the only Cisco line not designed specifically for their UCM.

You avoid issues like this and worrying about being stuck on an older version of Asterisk because the maintainer of the patch is usually two-three releases behind.

I know, but the company has already bought these expensive phones, and I don’t have the power of returning them. In addition, we already have spa 504 and 508 with sidecars (only 32 extensions by sidecars).

My hope is to find someone with the 8800 series phones with BLF working to help me, because buying new phones is the very last ressort.

You should compare the cost of new phones with the cost of the hours you are spending tryong to fix it along with how it impacts your day to day flow.

People tend to say “We can’t afford an extra $300 for phones” but then spend hours trying to “fix it” and in the end still pay $300 and still have issues.

Like I said, it’s not on my power, but yes, I can speak with them about that :wink:

But If anyone can help me with that I’m ok too :wink:

While not required, you could install Chan-SCCP-B to manage these two phones (back in Skinny mode) and make the BLF functions work without having to patch Asterisk. The rest of the phones in the network can be on Chan-SIP/PJ-SIP.

I don’t know if it will solve your problem, but the channel driver is written for these CUCM phones.


I do not know the chan-sccp-b driver, could you explain to me ?

SourceForge tell to me: "Sorry, the permissions for this page don’t allow you to access it. "

edit: Ok, I found it:

IF I use that driver, I have to change the SEPmac file use with the phone ?

Sigh. Just keep in mind that, unless you are grossly underpaid, roughly every 3-4 hours you spend on this is equivalent to the cost of a SPA504/8G and perhaps even a side car.

Basically, the moment you hit about 6-8 hours (a days worth of work) you are costing more than the new phones.

I don’t agree with using phones that were specifically designed for a PBX system and require hacks to make work with others. Nor reverting to a channel driver that was barely supported to begin with and even less now. Sure some of those may solve your issue now but what about the future.

Replace the phones. It is the best business decision over all.

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I know Tom, I’m totally agree with you, but it’s not my decision.

I has already spoken with the concerned peoples about that, but they Don’t seem ok with new phone.

So I work on the last setup of the freePBX (trunk and PATTON) and I have proposed to use One of the old SPA-508g with a side-cars to monitor all the extensions and use 8861 to call.

Not the cleanest solution, but the phones cannot be refund so…

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