BLF and Queue issues on FreePBX Distro

Hi Community,

We had some issues with our FreePBX distro.
After a reboot the BLF Lamps did not work anymore.
Also the Linear Group of a queue did not ring the phones anymore.

After a “fwconsole reload” command everything was working until the next asterisk restart.

It would be interesting if anyone also had this problems on a FreePBX Distro 10.13.66 on Vsphere 5.5

We made a fresh install of the Distro now and restored a Backup from the old distro.

Everything is working now as it should, but maybe i will never find out what caused the issue.

@tm1000 . Sorry for the discussion “we are going in circles”, but now i know that the problem wasnt the module, it was our Distro, which was running in Production for over a year now with over 80 Extensions.

Are you able to reproduce this issue? If you can, or if it happens again, check the Asterisk output from:

queue show <queue_number>

and see what it shows, particularly the status of the queue member.