Blacklist/WhiteList in FreePBX

Greetings everyone - I am sure y’all have the same issue I have with the RoboCallers calling in. What I am looking for is that if there is a Blacklist function such as if you want to block an NPA/NXX (ex: 800555XXXX) but allow (ex: 8005551234) as there might a legitimate number that may need to get through. I know of the Blacklist Feature in FreePBX, but you have to enter each number and that could be a very long process. Does anyone have any other ideas or will FreePBX be coming out with a feature like this in the future? Thanks !

I doubt it, the Blacklist is hard baked into asterisk and doesn’t respect regexp’s. That however doesn’t preclude you using the basic various blacklist dialplans/contexts in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf and polishing it up to do what you want including white-lists and better inserts into the asteriskdb sqlite3 “blacklist” family

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