Blacklist call screening inbound route

I’ve tried Allowlist recently and I’ve noticed it has “Enable Allowlist Screening” in advanced inbound route settings.
That’s a very useful feature, can it be added to Blacklist module too?
I have a scenario in which I have a DID dedicated to business customers, but somehow this number leaked and I have some private customer using it.
I don’t want to blacklist private customers for every DID but only for one.

I know I can do this with Allow list with reverse behavior, but I don’t feel so comfortable doing it.

If it is a single custom calling a single DID, then I’d rather create an inbound route with that DID and the customer’s CID and route them to the main menu.

It is a single DID but several customers, and I don’t know how add every single CID in an inbound route would impact in overall performance.

Blacklist can’t be selectively enabled per inbound route, but you can do this with Dynroutes.

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