Blacklist 14.0.3. frontend empty after update

(Sebastian) #1


FreePBX 14 had all our modules updated as well as system updates on Centos 7 were done.
Now is FreePBX Asterisk 13.38.1.

Problem is with Black list module. Now version 14.0.3.
I can put a number on it via gui, it is visible in cli>database show blacklist and works! Everything seems fine, but when I try to check BL records via Freepbx www i see blank page like there is nothing in the database, "no results found’. When I export BL by Bulk Handler I get empty file. Again like there is nothing in BL database but there are plenty! I see over 160 blocked numbers in database and over 10 blocked calls every day.

What might be a cause? Anyone?

(Itzik) #2

Is this a manual install, or the distro?