Best version of asterisk for FreePBX 16?

Our currently installed FreePBX 16 is running asterisk 16, but would it be better to be using 18?

Both are Long Term Support and both are still current. Unless you need a feature you know is only in 18, then you are fine using either.

If you’re running the FreePBX Distro, you can change major asterisk version in a few minutes whenever you want: Changing Major Asterisk Versions on the Fly - PBX Platforms - Documentation

Thank you.
I do know how to switch, I just wasn’t sure if there was anything “better” supported on 18.
I’ll leave it at 16 for now.

16 goes to SFO in Oct. so it will only get security fixes, if required. Go with 18.

I ran into a feature the other day that is in 18 but not 16. Prometheus. Monitoring FreePBX system with Grafana Cloud

OK, that is a good point.
Thank you

Thank you, I don’t think we need that feature, but as BlazeStudios mentioned, 16 will get reduced updates starting in October, so I suppose I’ll try 18.

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