Best phone to use with FreePBX

I would like to know what phone is best for FreePBX. What phone is easily provisioned by FreePBX and just works 100% with no hassle.

Great advice. Thanks. Money is not a big deal. We just want simplicity. A phone that will not have support issues in the future. I’ve played with Polycom and its been easy. Aastra not so much. I posted another thread on my issues with the Aastra. Plus I read up that Aastra and the whole xml script deal was getting banned or leaving and phone configuration was going to be more of a pain.

I just want a phone that will be easy to just configure without editing XML’s or configs manually. All done thru the GUI.

In depends, if you intend to use the commercial end point manager add on Application check out the wiki, commercial modules, for a link to supported phones.

You will find 100’s of supported models from many vendors in all price range and feature sets.

You will find fans of many types in the forums Polycom, Aastra, Cisco SB, Yealink are all popular phones. Your budget, feature requirements and taste will dictate the phone that you like.

I’d stick to the phones sold to Schmoozecom. The Folks that sponsor and support FreePBX. Easiest ones to program are, in my opinion, the Aastra and Yealink. I’d also seriously think of buying the Commercial End Point Manager.

The Aastra phones are fully supported through the end point manager without touchng the config.

Please check out the Commercial EPM in our store.

digium is the best choice. I am using d40.

I have personally used Aastra, Yealink, and Grandstream phones all with the Commercial End Point Manager and they all work fine.

I have used the Grandstream GPX1400 and it doesn’t work well with the OSS Endpoint manager. The ntp settings dont work, VM button is a problem due to the fact that you have to manually touch up the xml file and then you specify the vm ext, it sends it to comedian mail. OSS Endpoint Manager can’t reboot it either.
And the cfg file for the Grandstream isnt a normal phone cfg, its like a binary file when I opened it.

What are best softphones that work with freepbx.

macosx - telephone (
windows - microsip (
linux - zoiper (

I just spent the last week playing with the Digium D70 and let me say it is generally fantastic.