Best headset for Sangoma?

I have tried quite a number of wireless headsets over the years. The best one I found a few years ago was the Jabra GO (GO6400BS). They don’t make that model anymore. Before I go down and waste money to test other headsets, which one would you recommend?

I am using the Sangoma S500 handset, but planning to get the Sangoma S705 for the Bluetooth.

Let me know. TIA!

I use a Jabra Pro 920. As I have near zero experience with other headsets so I can’t compare it against its peers (pun intended) but I am happy with it. Pros: Range is incredible, battery is just as good now as it was 4 years ago when I bought it. Battery life is good, but I don’t use it all day, a busy day would be 4ish hours at most spread thru a day or a single 2 hr conversation. Cons: price of headset and price of interface cables to interface with different phone manufacturers. I use the over the head band, as the clip on ear (whatever it’s called) could double as a medieval torture device.

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I bought a Yealink YHS33 for my S500. No side tone for some reason, otherwise audio is good both ways.

Plantronics CS540

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