Wireless Headset Basics?

One of my users insists on using speakerphone at full volume, annoying everyone around her. I’ve been tasked with getting her a wireless headset so that the entire office doesn’t have to listen to her conversations. I have a wired one for myself, but am confused as to what’s required for wireless.

I’ve found the following thread, in which Lorne says he uses the Jabra Pro 920. Looking at the discussion there & from what I’ve found online about this headset, it looks good for this purpose.

There does not seem to be much documentation on how to make it work with the Sangoma phones though. Will it work with a S405? Does one need an electronic hook switch to use the headset or just to answer/hangup calls without reaching over to the phone? Without an electronic hook switch, would it function like my corded headset only without the wire? (Which is exactly what I want.) Do I need a Y-cable or lifter or anything else extra make it work?


The supported config is using the EHS30 as linked above.

Thank you Lorne for your reply.

I saw both of those wiki pages before posting, but it doesn’t say whether the EHS is required or just needed to make the remote pickup/hangup functions work. Should I infer from your response here that the EHS30 is required for it to work at all?

It also doesn’t say what phones the headset is compatible with. Is it compatible with all Sangoma phones?

(Sorry for all the simplistic questions… there seems to be information available, but that requires a base level of knowledge & familiarity with wireless headsets that I do not yet possess. :slightly_frowning_face: )

I don’t know, I haven’t tested. Possibly someone here can help. A VoIP specific retailer like VoipSupply could probably answer.

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Jabra (for example) should also be able to give you some assistance.

For the benefit of anyone who happens to find this thread in the future:

I got the Jabra Pro 920 wireless headset. The person I bought it for apparently was never told she was getting one and flat-out refused to use it, so I got an upgrade for my wired headset. :smiley:

The headset works perfectly fine without the EHS device between it & the phone. It’s just like when I’m using a wired headset - press the headset button on my s705 and it uses audio to/from the headset. The only caveat is that I have to make sure the headset is turned on using the button on the ear. The phone will happily continue a call with audio to/from just the base and without the headset turned on, this is obviously just dead air. This is a little inconvenience, but nothing terrible or unmanageable. In fact, it makes for a perfect way to totally mute the caller, both speaker & mic, when I need to - just turn the headset off. :slight_smile: I cannot answer a call from the headset while away from the phone base, but I don’t want to do that anyway as I’m not going to leave the headset on continually - only while I’m using it. It’s very nice to be able to walk around my office without having a cord in the way.

Thank you again to all who responded to this thread.

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