Backup VOIP Config

How would I best configure FreePBX to provision one of the lines on our phones to directly connect to a VOIP vendor as a backup if the PBX goes down?

Hmm . . . , think about that! If the PBX goes down , how can it do anything pro-active (or even pre-active :wink: )?

You will have to go ‘upstream’ to do that, some phones allow multiple SIP accounts.

(It would be technically possible to pre-provison that with your provisioning service.)

Actually, each line is configurable. The question is how do I add the direct VOIP link to be provisioned in addition to the PBX provisioning, say for Line 4.

You just need the correct server, port, protocol and password in the right boxes.

Once you have the SIP info, you can set up and map a custom extension in EPM

Great, I didn’t discover that so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Will Try it.

No, that didn’t seem to do it. The only approach I can imagine it to edit the base file for the phone vendor.
Needs o bypass the PBX and only rely on internet service.

Again, if you setup a custom extension, that account will NOT register with the PBX. It will register against the server you specified.

But, at the very least, that still requires a working PBX. I need to go directly to the VOIP for it to be a backup. Just need the convenience of having the PBX provision the phones with the backup settings day to day.

Not necessarily, many phones retain the last configuration if they can’t find the provisioning server on boot.

Even if they don’t you can normally add a ‘local configuration’ that overrides any provisioning, present or absent.

Well, maybe. Haven’t configured a phone in a quite awhile so took me time to figure out the device is linked by the MAC address so lets see if it will connect to the VOIP.

Did you even read the wiki I linked?

The phone is only ‘linked’ to the provisioning service by it’s mac address (that’s what identifies it so to get it’s particular provisioning) , a voip server does not have that requirement (it’s a layer 3 service) it just needs a valid account and a bidirectional route through the internet for both SIP and any resultant SDP connections.

Yes. Just didn’t remember how to connect the coustom ext to the phone device so thought it wasn’t what I needed. We shall see if it registers.

Configured but, so far, does not provision the account on the phone.

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