Backup & Restore Requires - But no Systems Updates Available?

FreePBX, says there are module updates, but the Backup and Restore Module Requires, however, my sys says there are no System Updates? Am I missing something?

FreePBX says no System Update to Run from Module Admin

Or for good measure, although they should be the same, there are no updates when running yum update:


So how the heck do I get FreePBX to get these modules?

Try running fwconsole ma upgradeall from the console or an SSH session. This is the same as doing module updates from the gui, but this downloads everything in the correct order so the dependencies are taken care of and you don’t have to run the update multiple times in a row to get all of the modules updated.

The yum update command you ran is going to take care of larger updates such as Asterisk updates.

@nortelvoip Awesome! Good Command, I will try this!

That worked! Thanks! I learned something too. Core was the dependency, and was related to the updated with backup and restore that was needed! Thanks @nortelvoip :slight_smile:

Glad that worked! I no longer run any updates through the gui because of this. I always run yum update -y, then fwconsole ma updateall, then fwconsole reload (this basically is the same as clicking the red apply button in the gui), and depending on what is updated usually fwconsole restart (which shutdown Asterisk and all associated services and then restarts them This command will drop calls so so this one after hours).

Dude. Awesome. Thanks so much. Yeah, this is the way to go. Thanks for the Order of Operations too!

Now nicely noted and added to my documentation :wink:

@nortelvoip are you running FreePBX 15? If so do you mind if I PM you a question and the updated Backup and Restore module?

I add in a fwconsole chown

I just made it a script that I can run for all of that.

chown +x

Then when ever I want to run updates…


Oh perfect! Very nice. I was thinking of doing that, today, but even better! Thanks @sorvani!

I posted this pastebin link with a full log file from that script over in another thread, if you are curious.

I am, thank-you. Much Appreciated.

Just looked. Looks Good.

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