Background image issue

I currently have 4 GXP2160 Grandstream phones. All seem to be provisioning correctly from the FreePBX thru HTTP. There is one issue that has me stumped. All phones use the same template in EPM. I have uploaded a new image in EPM for the background of all the phones. My problem is that of the 4 phones, only two accept the new background. The other 2 use the default image for the background.

I have read the forum concerning image issues but none of the answers fit my problem. Any idea?

You should know that the resounding silence is because you’re asking a bunch of people to throw guesses at you, at which point (experience tells us) the problem will be solved and we’ll never hear from you again (which is why you’re having trouble finding solutions) or that you’ll just tell us that we’re wrong.

As an alternative, tell us more about the phones, the firmware, the hardware versions, the size of the image, and whatever other pertinent details you can think of to spark some interest in helping. As it is, this question is a tough one to get traction on since we have so little to go on.

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