Avaya IPOffice to FreePBX Trunk


We use a Avaya IPOffice phone system. Recently we decided to configure FreePBX to handle paging and built a trunk between IPOffice and FreePBX. The trunk is registered and idle but when I try to make a call from an avaya phone to a FreePBX extension, the call fails.

This is what I used to build both sides of the trunk:

Reporting on the Avaya side shows that Avaya hits the FreePBX box, but FreePBX states ‘404 extension not found’

Anyone have any clues or how I can see what FreePBX doesn’t like about the calls going to it? I can’t seem to find much in the reports that tells me anything useful

If you’re getting a 404, the PBX is responding, which means there should be information in the file ‘/var/log/asterisk/full’ telling you what the error is. I’d start with that and, if you can’t figure it out from there, post the pertinent snippet so we can help you.

Thank you, I’m new to FreePBX so I don’t know how to error check it yet. I’ll check that right now

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